7 Healthy Reasons To Love Sleeping


Getting enough sleep is quite hard nowadays due to our hectic lives. It has become a norm to sleep less hours than the recommend amount which is an unhealthy habit that we need to change. Experts say that getting enough sleep could do wonders to our overall health and being healthy is more important than those long nights of movie marathons.

Here are some healthy reasons why you would love sleeping and add some extra hours to it:

sleep2Reduced pain. Sleeping more can make you feel less pain especially after a recent injury based on a study. Sufficient sleep can lessen pain sensitivity by decreasing the effect of inflammations.

Better mood. Insufficient sleep would more likely give you an exhausted feeling and even migraines which can put you into a bad mood. Having enough sleep can make you more comfortable and have more control on your emotions.

Regulate weight. The key to this factor ir the hormone leptin which gives a feeling of fullness. Lack of sleep can lower down leptin levels which can result to heightened craving sensations especially to high-calorie foods.

Better health. A lot of studies has associated insufficient sleep and serious health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity and diabetes. Prolonged habit of insufficient sleep and disturbed sleeping patterns disrupts insulin sensitivity which can lead to higher sugar levels and if not prevented, lead to diabetes.

Better concentration. Sleep is connected to our cognitive performance. Less sleep makes our minds fuzzy which results to creating more mistakes. Lack of sleep also affects our memory and attention which lessens our productivity.

Less stress. Insufficient sleep can increase the production of cortisol which are also called “the stress hormone". This gives way to a lot of bad effects on our body such as high blood pressure that can put your heart at a higher risk for heart attacks.

Higher energy levels. Sufficient sleep can make you feel more energized and be more ready to face your day. This would also mean a higher level of productivity and a more positive attitude.

How much is enough?

The recommended amount of sleep varies according to different age categories. A normal healthy adult should have a recommend amount of 7 – 9 hours of sleep. For more information on the recommended amount of sleep, check this list by the National Sleep Foundation.

If you have problems getting sleep at night, check out these tips: