6 Things To Know Before Heading To A Nail Salon

Most people would seek for healthy-looking nails as it makes them more presentable especially in socializing with others. Healthy nails are also a great sign of your overall health aside from having glowing skin. In some instances, we tend to do it DIY (of course, if you"re low on budget). But if we feel it"s too much of a task, we immediately seek the help of a Nail Salon In Jacksonville, FL.

A nail salon can help you get some relaxation and nail care at the same time. However, the truth is, it"s not just about how beautiful your polish looks or how much glitter they splurge your nails on. Since the expose of sanitation issues about this industry, you got to think twice before getting your nails done at the trendy salon in your neighborhood.

It"s all about finding the right place that provides an awesome service without putting your health at risk. Today, we share six things you should know before getting a manicure at the trendy nail salon in your neighborhood:

Communication is Vital

It"s pretty important for you to communicate with your nail tech when it comes to what you need. There is a higher chance of not getting satisfaction from a service and even nail infections if communication was nor established. To know more about how the nail salon caters to its customers, you can check out reviews of their previous clients online.

Dig Deeper in their Disinfection

If you want to avoid nasty infections, it"s imperative to ask a nail salon how they disinfect their tools. Do they follow the state"s protocol or are they too lenient in doing so? Don"t be afraid to ask when your health is at stake.

Gloves are A Thing

If you see nail techs wearing gloves in your prospect salon, then you"re in good hands. Gloves provide protection when it comes to the transfer of bacteria from tech to client.

Look for Clean Floors

You don"t just look at the people in the salon; you need to take a closer look as well at the place. Always go for clean floors as it gives you a hint of how strict the salon is when it comes to maintaining cleanliness. Nail clippings here and there would be a red flag.

It Should Never Be Chemical X

Before you let anyone put any chemical on your nails, know what it is. Chemicals should always have a defined label to inform clients. To be more ready, you could always do some research online of which chemicals should you go for and which ones do more harm than good.

Should Be Painless

Some people would say “pain is gain" but getting your nails done should be painless. Getting uncomfortable about the whole process is a clear sign that you should look for another salon.

Extra Tip:

Before getting a manicure or pedicure, never shave. Bacteria will find it easier to enter your body thru your open pores. You might be tempted to get rid of that hair off your legs, but it"s safer not to do so.

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